Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Roller Derby

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.  Today I thought I'd share a bit about me I am quiet, shy, well mannered and honest with strong opinions, which I sometimes share.  I enjoy being lady like as well as digging in the garden. I'm crafty, I bake and like photography.  I adore chivalry...yes I like to think of myself as an independent woman but I still love having the door opened for me.  I also love Roller derby.

(Photo courtesy of Derek Sutton)
Last weekend I had my first assessment for roller derby. 12 weeks ago I started the fresh meat course, I loved skating as a kid/teenager and thought it would be something fun to do.  I was a little dubious as I had seen some of these girls play roller derby and they looked a little scary what I discovered was that they're not, they are just a bunch of normal girls and a few guys who are very fit and love to skate.  I spent 12 weeks feeling muscles I haven't felt before...EVER!  And sweated more than I knew was possible.  We started out with 15 freshies and at the end there were 8 of us who completed our assessment we all passed and are now bronze stars.  Congrats to my fellow Freshies!

I made a little card to thank our trainer who was so super patient (she never gave up on me), and always encouraged all of us to do our best no matter what our skills.  I hope we made her proud.  Thank you Lynda.

The card features Rollerskating Zombie a digi from Saturated Canary coloured with copics.

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