Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Happy Anniversary

On the 23rd my husband and I celebrated our not our wedding anniversary but the anniversary of when we first started dating 19 years ago.  We used to write notes to each other and he would draw little pictures of us at the bottom of his notes.  It was sweet to read back through some of the letters that we used to write to each other.  After reading a handful of letters I found one with a drawing that he gave to me in college. Due to my extremely limited drawing skills I scanned the note in enlarged the image and printed it out then I traced it onto my card and went over it with my copic multiliner (I did tell you I had limited skills when it came to drawing).   I thought about colouring it with copics but then decided against it.   I liked how personal it was and what it means to us. 

Happy Anniversary Rick I love U lots x10 with a dot. 
the original note

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