Thursday, January 17, 2013

Australian themed Challenge and a good read.

Hi All,
This is my second post for the Mad for Markers January challenge - Australian theme.

This challenge got me thinking about what Australia means to me. Australia to me has always meant freedom, bush, beach, sun, surf, BBQs.  What symbolises Australia for me is gum trees.  Yes I grew up reading May Gibbs.  I saw a great image in a Christmas colouring book that I copied and modified.  I think I will make it into a card.  But I haven't got around to it yet!

I have just finished reading "The Little Coffee Shop Of Kabul" it is a fictional story about five women who meet in a coffee shop and how they come to form a friendship.  It gives the reader a fictional sneak peak into womens' lives Afghanistan.   The author based the book on some of her own experiences in Afghanistan.  I remember in the early 90's reading a magazine article about children working in Afghanistan.  I went to school and worked with women who were from Afghanistan but I was still a little naive.
The Little Coffee Shop Of Kabul, Deborah Rodriguez
I have always felt lucky to live in Australia to have all the opportunities and rights, but perhaps a little more so after reading this book.  I enjoyed reading it (Thanks Mum and Dad - they gave it to me for Christmas) and I'd recommend it to others if you enjoy reading about other cultures/countries.  I love reading a lot of different types of books.    Can you recommend any good ones to add to my reading list?

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