Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Ideas (lots of photos)

Last year the girls dyed eggs to decorate the table

and we had our families around for lunch on Easter Sunday, which included these cute cupcakes and a yummy quinoa and roasted vegetable dish which I have no idea where the recipe came from(don't you hate when that happens) .

This year my husband has to work and it is his Mum's birthday so we aren't having lunch (we are having dinner with her on Saturday and morning/afternoon tea with my parents sometime), but here are some of the things we did to get ready for Easter.  The girls chose an Easter basket to make with the silhouette
We used 3D Easter bunny basket and bunny box 

Meg and I made these pinch bags filled with Easter eggs for her teacher and teacher's assistant.
We used the tutorial from Under a Cherry Tree (amazing tutorials), Pinch bag file from Lettering Delights and Nitwit Collections Spring Whimsy Kit

My daughter Nell saw jellybean butterflies while I was looking on pinterest and decided she wanted to make them.  Here is our version.
She made one for each of us with a bit of help.  Nell doesn't like jellybeans so hers is the little one with no beans.  These were so quick and easy

Meg's buddy is a lovely grade 6 girl and for Easter she made Meg a bunny tail and gave her some bunny ears and a chocolate.  So to thank her we made her a jellybean butterfly and decorated a bag for her. But I didn't photograph that :)

Here is the part where Meg says "Grandma don't look"  She wants to surprise you when you come around for morning tea.

We also did some cooking.  Although I don't know if these count as cooking they are Easter bonnets made out of Reese's mini peanut butter cups and Arnott's choc wheaten biscuits decorated with sprinkles from our pantry. They look more like Easter Akubra's but that's okay. 
My camera battery went flat so I didn't get more photos of the girls ones.

We also found some Caramel Hershey Kisses so we decided to make these.
The labels are a freebie from Anders and Ruff you will have to use a punch or if your like me cut them by hand.

We also continued our Easter tradition of making Kiss Biscuits.  I will share the recipe with you eventually.

This year we decided to ice them different colours and I think the girls did a fantastic job icing the biscuits and they taste delicious.  I just love the carrots.

Have a wonderful weekend
~ Gretchen


  1. wow these are all great ideas!! love the butterfly gift bags :)

  2. This is so lovely, Gretchen! You have all obviously had a lot of fun just getting ready for Easter! These look so yummy!

    Have a lovely Easter!

    Mary x